A New Problem Arise for MI and KKR in IPL, 14 Days Quarantine for Both the Teams          

A New Problem Arise for MI and KKR in IPL, 14 Days Quarantine for Both the Teams

After 7 days quarantine MI and KKR teams not allow for start training because of Abu Dhabi rule, there are 14 day quarantine period. According to the rules of UAE city of Abu Dhabi, these two teams will have to pass a further seven-day quarantine period before the bio-secure circle of IPL. KKR reached Abu Dhabi on August 20 and per IPL’s Standard Operating Procedure should have completed their six-day quarantine on Wednesday. “We are waiting for a go-ahead from our team manager,” said a team official from their hotel in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. A Mumbai Indians official told Inside Sport on the condition of anonymity: “We have requested BCCI to intervene. We were told we have to follow 7 days quarantine period, but now it has come to our knowledge that as per the local norms we will be in 14 days quarantine.”

As per the guidelines of UAE's Department of Health, "Entry will be allowed within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR test result, or with a negative DPI laser test result accompanied by a negative PCR test result received within 6 days. The Committee states that the same type of test cannot be taken twice in a row within 6 days." The franchises are trouble because of BCCI for not informing them about the varying quarantine periods. The British firm hired by BCCI to set up the bio-secure bubble will see everyone inside wear a band that will monitor movements. Players have to wear it at all times except for when they are in the field




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