Cricket Australia Not allowed to Use Sweat in T20 and ODI Series          

Cricket Australia Not allowed to Use Sweat in T20 and ODI Series

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned the use of saliva on the ball because of Cricket Australia (CA) seeks to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19 infection. ICC allowed be used to shine the ball of the sweat due to the lower risk of carrying Covid-19 pandemic but Australia's bowlers will not be allowed to use sweat from any part of the face, neck or head during the T20I and ODI series next month. CA is taking precautions to reduce any risk of the virus spreading. "There's slightly altered guidelines from what people may have seen from the previous England series here," fast bowler Mitchell Starc said after Australia had arrived at the Ageas Bowl. "You can't use sweat from around the face, neck or head and you obviously can't use saliva."

"It might look a bit interesting if bowlers are using sweat off their back, can't use it off your arms either I don't think, so it makes for a bit of an interesting one," he said. "Probably not something that's too relevant in white-ball cricket, once that new ball starts to go you are trying to keep it dry anyway so probably more a question for red-ball cricket”. "No doubt we'll find out what it's like in the practice games and whether we need to revisit any planning around it. We haven't been able to use sweat or saliva back in Australia so that was pretty simple. Slightly more lenient here with the bowler allowed to use sweat from certain places. It's not a huge issue in white-ball cricket, I don't think." "If the world stays as is for a little while those restrictions will be there, that saliva one will probably be there a lot's probably more of a relevant question to red-ball cricket and wanting to look after that ball a lot longer and hopefully swinging it around. One for the red-ball team to talk about when we get to that point."




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