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Cardiovascular Training

The dictionary definition for CV training is: ‘physical conditioning that exercises the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels’. In other words, when you do a cardio session, you’re giving your heart, lungs and circulatory system - in addition to any other muscle groups that you use - a good workout. Cardio exercise is extremely important because this system is effectively your body’s engine.
How do I measure my CV system?
There are two useful ways to measure the efficiency of your CV system:
• Resting heart rate (RHR)
The lower your RHR is, the more blood your heart can pump in a single contraction and effectively the stronger it is. The average value for an adult’s RHR is 72 beats per minute(min 60 beats), but with cardiovascular training that figure will reduce, providing you with a measure of your improvement.
• Blood pressure (BP)
Blood pressure has two values, which are usually displayed as two figures, one above the other - for example 120/70. The upper figure is the systolic pressure and is the pressure when the heart contracts or pumps blood out, while the lower figure is the diastolic pressure and is the pressure when the heart is relaxed. Your target figure for your BP should be no higher than approximately 140/85.
Need of cardiovascular exercise
The physical and mental benefits of this type of exercise are seemingly endless.
• Manage your weight
• Ward off heart disease
• Mood improvement
• Live longer
Cardio Exercise Options
A lot… You can find on your own that what you will love….
• Dancing
• Jump rope
• Organised sports
• Power walking
• Swimming
• Boxing
• Trampoline –ing
• Cycling
• Hiking
• Rowing
• Hula hooping
• Walking
• Jumping Jacks
• Stairs


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