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Sourav Ganguly :- talk about 2020 IPL

Former India captain and current BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) President Sourav Ganguly when asked about the future of the IPL this year, he revealed that the BCCI has been monitoring things. He said that the current situation won’t allow the board to hold the IPL in any way while also anticipated that the lockdown could go on until mid-May.I think this [lockdown] is the best option at the current moment. Certain things are beyond anybody’s control.

Whatever directives that the government and ministry of health gives us, we have to follow. That’s the case all over the world. "We keep monitoring developments. At the present moment, we can’t say anything. And what is there to say anyway? Airports are shut, people are stuck at home, offices are locked down, nobody can go anywhere. And it seems this is how it’s going to be till the middle of May".Sourav Ganguly "Where will you get players from, where do players travel. It’s just simple common sense that at the moment, nothing is in favour of any kind of sport anywhere in the world, forget IPL”, Ganguly said while speaking to the New Indian Express. There were reports that BCCI is looking forward to holding a shortened IPL but that seems quite unlikely to happen at least in the month of May. A BCCI official had also revealed that the board could hold the entire season in small duration if the tournament starts early-May.

He was also asked about the announcement regarding the tournament. To this, the BCCI boss said he needs to speak to the office-bearers of the board before making any comment. “I will be able to give an update on that on Monday after speaking to the other office-bearers (of BCCI). But practically speaking, when life has come to a standstill everywhere in the world, where does sport have a future in this”, Ganguly added. We will have to see. We have not assessed all these things. At this point of time, it is very difficult for me to give any concrete answer