Various countries of the India subcontinent recognize cricket not just like a game, but more like a religion. Viewers remain loyal to their home teams, follow the team’s matches passionately, and also participate in related discussions, whether offline or online. These loyal viewers deserve to be able to keep track of the latest cricket match news, which is provided by many reputed websites.

Outbreak of pandemic slowed proceedings

Prior to the English-Australia series and the IPL, there was a major period in the year 2020 when no cricket events were organized. This was a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has severely impacted all parts of the world. However, the last 3-4 months have been good for fans of the game, as will be several months of the next year. India is currently touring Australia, and will be playing England, Afghanistan South Africa, and West Indies at home in the year 2021. India will also be playing South Africa and England in their respective countries, and will participate in the Asia Cup next year. Of course, this incredible cricket action can be enjoyed by cricketing fans only when they get the latest cricket match news online or on mobile phones.   

The IPL was the tournament which gave cricket fans something to cheer about, in 2020. Viewers are habituated to watching their country and other countries playing cricket all year, which made it pretty difficult to spend time during the lull.

Rising popularity of T20s

There are three different formats of cricket- Test matches, ODIs (One day Internationals) and Twenty 20s. Over the years, many players have resorted to make themselves specialists of only specific formats and have retired from others. For example, though maverick wicketkeeper MS Dhoni retired from ODIs and T20s in August this year, he had retired from Test matches back in 2014. However, due to their fast paced and action packed nature, T20 is clearly the most popular format of the three.

Similar to the above, players like Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara are mostly seen only in Test matches. Considering the gruelling nature of the cricketing calendar, it makes sense for them to give rest to their bodies for a certain part of the year.

Rising scores in T20s

Among the three formats, T20 is the most recent one to have come into the world. However, unlike the other two formats, this has predominantly been a batsman’s game, with bowlers being thrashed all over the ground. The batting run rate has been steadily rising over the last few years. When T20 originally began in the year 2007, it was thought that a score that was close to 140, with a run rate of 7, would be enough.

How certain teams have changed over the years

  1. West Indies– West Indies consisted of tall fast bowlers and a few excellent batsmen and all-rounders. Today’s team is more about powerful hitters of the ball.

2. Pakistan– This Asian country was also popular for its high quality bowlers who could reverse swing the ball at ease. Bowlers in the country’s team are no longer as skilled these days.

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